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Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is a significant project that any homeowner can decide to embark on. A bathroom is a private place where you can take your time to improve personal hygiene and relieve yourself.

Bathroom renovation

Steps for bathroom renovation

1. Needs assessment

Look at your bathroom’s current state and decide on how you want it to be after the renovation. What do you have that you’d wish to do away with? What do you lack that needs to be incorporated during the renovation? Ask yourself such questions and consider the resources available. Draw a budget and see if your wish is viable. If not, consider compromising and go for the most cost-effective option. You can do this by forfeiting your luxurious wants and concentrating on your bathroom needs.

2. Designing and planning

At this stage, consider the different possible bathroom designs for your renovation project. Your choice should be significantly influenced by your taste as well as the available resources.

3. Actual renovation

Once you’ve had your plan in mind, you can decide to go DIY style if you have the expertise, or hire a Toronto bathroom renovation contractor to handle your bathroom renovation.

Tips for successful bathroom renovation

  • Remove all the old stuff in your bathroom and take note of what needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Remove everything that is screwed to the wall like the mirror, drawer, curtain rods, doors, and towel bars.
  • Wash your bathroom’s walls and floors using detergent, then rinse and dry immediately.
  • Repaint your bathroom with a color of your choice. Go for a fashionable color, whether you like it cool or warm, but ensure you apply satin-finish paint for the wall for moisture resistance.
  • Clean the cabinets in your bathroom while filling the hardware holes. Once dry, paint them as you desire.
  • Replace the things that you identified as needing replacement. Most people usually replace sinks, light fixtures, and cabinets
  • Replace outdated décors like old curtains and curtain rods, mirrors, and towel bars. Add aesthetically pleasing art pieces and fixtures at strategic places.

Important considerations for bathroom renovation


It’s important to consider increasing the drainage pipe’s width to 2 Inches, to help avoid cases of pipes clogging in your bathroom. You can have your water supply routed from the inside, rather than the exterior wall if you reside in a very low-temperature region.


How you work on your bathroom lighting depends on whether you are merely focusing on aesthetics or you also want it to be functional. Increasing the brightness of your bathroom lighting makes you see what you are doing, more so if you intend to apply makeup in the bathroom.

Add a window

Consider having a window, but ensure you go for a frosted-glass panel for privacy. Adding stone jambs along it makes it watertight, and having a sloping sill improves drainage. Plastic handles are the best for a bathroom window as they don’t rust.

Shower or tub

The decision to install a bathtub or a shower depends on you as an individual. If you are renovating for resale, there is no specific choice that will appeal to a future buyer, so it's better you stick to a shower. If you are renovating it for yourself, consider how frequently you take baths. If a bathtub is not worth it, then go for a shower.

Shower floors

Slippery floors cause accidents in bathrooms, which is why it’s vital to have textured shower floors with more traction. Smaller tiles are safer and most preferable than larger tiles since they offer more traction and are easier to slope.

Shower Bases

Consider acrylic or porcelain shower bases, which are modern. Shower bases should not be overlooked, so ensure you consider the options available for your floor.


Having wall-hung toilets saves on space, but you must be aware that their drainage is different. This means you’ll have to reconsider the supply if you ever decide to switch to floor-mounted toilets.

Drawer storage

Having a vanity with drawers instead of doors can save you on storage needs. The good thing is that you can have them done around the plumbing, and according to the size of your choice

Medicine cabinets

Having a medicine cabinet in the bathroom is quite necessary, and you can creatively design yours to fit into your plan. You can have additional framing over your vanity or simply create enough room for the protrusion of your medicine cabinet.

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